Applications can be downloaded here or they can be picked up at any CLTCC campus.

Attorney Brian Caubarreaux of Brian Caubarreaux and Associates has created the “Do It Right" Scholarship to provide assistance to those striving for a better tomorrow.

While growing up in Avoyelles parish, Brian learned many life lessons from his dad, who was a part of the working class. The lesson that stuck with him the most was to always do things the right way. Brian has built a well-respected reputation for himself and his firm based on this principle.

Brian started this scholarship to help those in need succeed. He knows that not everyone has the chance to do things right the first time, so he’s giving them the chance to do things right this time.

The Do It Right Scholarship is for the young guy in high school who aspires to be an automotive technician, but can never afford college. It’s for the single mom who dreams of becoming a nurse, but can’t juggle both tuition and childcare. It’s for the neighbor who just got laid off and can’t support his family. It's for the woman you know who always puts others first, but only makes just enough to scrape by.

Look around. It’s time for these individuals to get a leg up on life. Now they can.

The Brian Caubarreaux Do It Right Scholarship is awarded to individuals on a needs-based merit by an independent panel of community leaders, based on a combination of attributes such as the student performance, drive, and ability required to develop a career and technical education from Central Louisiana Technical Community College. CLTCC offers two-year associate degrees, as well as certificates and diplomas in practical occupations. Students can study various fields such as Automotive Technology, Business Office Administration, Criminal Justice, Practical Nursing and Welding. Armed with a college education, these individuals will have the opportunity to thrive and will no longer have to spend their days wondering what could have been.

Do you know an individual who deserves the Do It Right Scholarship? If so, please tell them about this life changing opportunity today. You can also email the Brian Caubarreaux and Associates law office at or give them a call at 318-253-0900.

Applications can be downloaded here or they can be picked up at any CLTCC campus.

Brian Caubarreaux

Scholarship Winners

2020 Winners

Callie Stroud 

Callie Stroud teamed with her dad to pay the bills after her parents’ divorce and her father’s diagnosis of chronic kidney disease. After the struggle of traveling back and forth to Ruston to take care of her dad while she was in school, she was finally able to attend CLTCC closer to home when she was awarded the Do It Right Scholarship in 2020.

Erica French

Erica French moved in with her grandmother after being born into an unstable living situation. Her grandmother worked hard to get Erica and her sister through school while battling breast cancer. Erica kept her grades up despite her obstacles and is attending CLTCC after receiving the Do It Right Scholarship in 2020.

2019 Winners

Doris Valencia 

Doris Valencia is a mother of two who worked hard in odd jobs to raise her family but refused to settle for a job she didn’t love. Pursuing a new passion was finally in her sights after being awarded the Do It Right Scholarship in 2019.

Isaac Hayes

Isaac Hayes is a resident of Georgetown, Louisiana with a passion for welding who raised by a single mother his entire life. In a single-parent household, paying for school and starting his own welding business was going to be a struggle until Isaac was awarded the Do It Right Scholarship in 2019.

2018 Winners

Marquita Johnson 

Her entire life, Marquita Johnson always wanted to become a nurse. “To care for others, to help others – I just wanted to be a part of that.”

Tycianna Caldwell

Tycianna Caldwell grew up with a tumultuous home life. Her family struggled financially, causing her to get bullied at school for not having brand-name clothes like so many others had.

2017 Winners

Kylee Patten 

Kylee Patten was a graduate of LaSalle High School and entered into CLTCC’s Nursing Program.

LaKeair Hawkins

LaKeair Hawkins was a graduate of Ferriday High School and after being presented with her scholarship, entered into CLTCC’s Nursing Program. During high school, she was a cheerleader for 3 years and participated in dual enrollment classes for Nursing.

Rebekah Gauthier 

Rebekah Gauthier is from Pineville, LA and was a second time applicant for this scholarship. She is the oldest of 3 and at the time she was awarded the Do It Right Scholarship had just completed her 1st year of an Accounting Associate’s at CLTCC.

2016 Winners

Alicia Brister

Alicia Brister is a resident of Elmer and graduate of Oak Hill High School and began the Practical Nursing Program at CLTCC in the 2016 Fall semester.

Tessia Tellis 

Tessia Tellis is a resident of DeRidder and was already enrolled as a Practical Nursing student at CLTCC when she was awarded the Do It Right Scholarship.

2015 Winners

Dylan Juneau

A resident of Moreauville, Louisiana, Dylan attended CLTCC in Avoyelles when he was awarded the Do It Right Scholarship in 2015.

Johnathon Shone

When Johnathon received the Do It Right Scholarship in 2015, he attended CLTCC in Alexandria. His mother was ill and the family finances were being used to pay for her treatment.

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