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Testimonial Shorts

These short videos give a glimpse of what Brian Caubarreaux & Associates has done for a variety of REAL clients – no paid actors involved. All of them showcase real results from real people.

Testimonial Montages


Insurance Companies

Workers Compensation

He Cares

Like Family

Peace of Mind

Client Testimonial Shorts

Phyliss Moras Short Form

Phyliss Moras 30 Sec A

Phyliss Moras 30 Sec B

Phyliss Moras 15 Sec A

Phyliss Moras 15 Sec B

Phyliss Moras 15 Sec C

Phyliss Moras 15 Sec D

Phyliss Moras 15 Sec E

Robert Berly Short Form

Robert Berly 30 Sec A

Robert Berly 30 Sec B

Robert Berly 15 Sec A

Robert Berly 15 Sec B

Robert Berly 15 Sec C

Robert Berly 15 Sec D

Darrell Garon 30 Sec A

Darrell Garon 30 Sec B

Darrell Garon 15 Sec A

Darrell Garon 15 Sec B

Darrell Garon 15 Sec C

Darrell Garon 15 Sec D

Tristin Gauthier - Short Form

Tristin Gauthier - 30 sec

Toni Williams - Short Form

Toni Williams - 30 sec A

Toni Williams - 30 sec B

Kenneth Perry - Short Form

Kenneth Perry - 30 sec

Jonathan Davis - Short Form

Jonathan Davis - 30 sec

Robert Joffrion 60 sec

Robert Joffrion 30 sec

Robert Joffrion 15 sec A

Robert Joffrion 15 sec B

Sheryl DeVille 30 sec A

Sheryl DeVille 30 sec B

Sheryl DeVille 30 sec C

Sheryl DeVille 15 sec A

Sheryl DeVille 15 sec B

Christine Simmons 30 sec

Christine Simmons 15 sec

Shalane Laborde 30 sec A

Shalane Laborde 30 sec B

Shalane Laborde 15 sec

Codi Descant 30 sec A

Codi Descant 30 sec B

Codi Descant 15 sec

Lisa Jones 30 sec A

Lisa Jones 30 sec B

Lisa Jones 30 sec C

Lisa Jones 30 sec D

Lisa Jones 15 sec A

Lisa Jones 15 sec B

Lisa Jones 15 sec C

Ray Gaspard 30 sec

Ray Gaspard 15 sec A

Ray Gaspard 15 sec B

Rita Clancey 2 min

Rita Clancey 60 sec

Rita Clancey 30 sec

Brent Bordelon 2 min

Brent Bordelon 60 sec

Brent Bordelon 30 sec A

Brent Bordelon 30 sec B

Hagen Temple 2 min

Hagen Temple 60 sec

Hagen Temple 30 sec

Steven Pontier 30 sec

Jennifer Correia 30 sec

Jay DePrato 30 sec

Kim Joffrion 30 sec

Justin Culbertson 30 sec

Andrew Fermin 30 sec

Avery Wright 30 sec

Curtis Armand 30 sec

Valentin Pena 30 sec

Neil Armand 30 sec

Brad Rusk 30 sec

Kristie Armand 30 sec

Judy Gremillion 30 sec

Gene Bordelon 30 sec

Phyliss Moras 30 sec