“My injury stopped me from being able to walk and I felt completely comfortable knowing that what they said they were going to do, they did. He’s not just a slogan, he’s not just saying, ‘Do It Right.’ He means it.”

Rita Clancey

“I would recommend Brian Caubarreaux to anyone who has gone through an accident or having troubles like I had because he’s good. He knows what he’s doing. He’ll fight for you, and he won’t give up.”

Brent Bordelon

“Brian took care of everything with the insurance company. He talked with them. We didn’t have to do anything with the insurance company. He did a really good job.”

Hagen Temple

“He completely shattered every expectation I had about lawyers."

Steven Ponthier

“Not many people would do what he did for me. Going out of his way like that… week by week, sometimes day by day with the first and second accident. This enabled me to be able to walk today."

Justin Culbertson

“Winning and knowing you had the right attorney at trial is like knowing you’re on the right team."

Jennifer Correia

“It makes all the difference in the world to be able to trust."

Jay Deprato

“That’s what I’ve heard, that attorneys are bloodsuckers, they’re going to drain you for everything you have, but that’s not the case with Brian Caubarreaux and Associates, because that’s not what they did."

Kim Joffrion

“He made all the arrangements and everything. He got a doc on me, him and Emily. He said, ‘First thing we’re gonna do is take care of your back, because you’ve got to be taken care of.’ And he did."

Valentin Pena

“His staff – you can’t ask for better."

Andrew Firmin

“I have a friend who’s a lawyer and he’s the one who recommended Brian. He told me that Brian would do me right, and that turned out to be an absolute fact."

Avery Wright

“If you don’t have the right attorney, things can turn into a disaster, and your life might never get back on track."

Curtis Armand

“I know you see a lot of ads on TV for everybody, but I know for a fact, I know what he did for me."

Neil Armand

“The feeling that someone actually wants to help you is amazing, and knowing that I had Brian and his team to back me up."

Phyliss Moras

“My case has been over with for 8 months, and he’ll call and check on me, see if I need anything, see if everything’s going alright. How many lawyers do that?"

Gene Bordelon

“If he doesn’t feel that you’re going to get what you deserve, he’s not scared to go to court."

Brad Rusk

“The loyalty, the respect of him and his staff. His secretary would always call and check up on me, to see if I needed anything, if I was okay."

Kristie Armand

“I’ve dealt with a lot of attorneys in my life with the job that I’ve had, and as bad as I had it, it was the greatest experience with an attorney that I’ve ever had."

Judy Gremillion