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Legal Advocate Commercials

Brian Caubarreaux & Associates is partnered with KALB as their “Legal Advocate.” These short spots allow us to offer CENLA free legal advice, so you gain a greater knowledge of the law and what to do when you’re injured in an accident.

Not Suing a Person

Tort Reform 101

Tort Reform 2

Uninsured Motorist

Uninsured Motorist 2

What's My Case Worth?

Any Kind of Accident

It's A Family Matter

Personal Guidance

Personal Guidance #2

Pre Existing Medical Condition

Wrongful Death

Bag of Tricks #1

Bag of Tricks #2

Get Your Life Back

Get Your Life Back #2

Competence vs Resources

Big Rigs: Commercial Vehicles

Workers Comp

Jump at First Offer

All The Possibilities

Whats your Injury Worth?

Whats This Going to Cost?

Hurt on the Job?

Commercial Vehicle Accidents


Do I Have a Case?

Full Coverage

Going to Court

Insurance Lawyers

Jump at the First Offer

Life Changing

Not Just Cars

Same Insurance Company

Taking Personal Injury Personally


When Injured in an Accident