Shalane Laborde

"Brian made sure the insurance companies stopped harassing me and went through only him. "

Rita Clancey

"I felt completely calm, knowing that what they said they were going to do, they did. He's not just saying 'do it right', he means it."

Codi Descant

"I knew immediately that I was in good hands."


Caubarreaux & Associates

we do it right.

A mistake made on the road, in a workplace or hospital can lead to crippling pain and suffering as well as lost wages and heavy medical expenses.  A mistake made in a courtroom or during negotiations adds insult to those injuries and can make the damage even worse.

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Auto Accidents

A car accident is the result of someone making a mistake.

Big Rig Accidents

You’re driving on the road late at night. You notice the

Personal Injury

Make no mistake about it, all injuries are “personal” because of

Motorcycle Accidents

A motorcycle accident almost always results in injuries, ranging from serious

Slip and Fall Accidents

Sometimes when we injure ourselves as a result of a slip

Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries are very likely to affect a person for

Traumatic Brain Injury

A traumatic brain injury can come about as a result of

Wrongful Death

Accidents resulting in injuries to others are caused by someone else’s

“I was raised by a father who, because of the duties he had to perform in life, simply couldn’t afford to make a mistake. If he did, people died. My dad stressed the importance of dotting every “i" and crossing every “t". Double, even triple check things. Never assume or take anything for granted. When I received my law degree and opened my practice, I brought these lessons with me."
 – Brian Caubarreaux

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Do It Right


Attorney Brian Caubarreaux of Brian Caubarreaux and Associates has created the “Do It Right" Scholarship to provide assistance to those striving for a better tomorrow. While growing up in Avoyelles Parish, Brian learned many life lessons from his dad, who was a part of the working class. One lesson that stuck with him the most was to always do things the right way. Brian has built a well-respected reputation for himself as well as his firm based on this principle. Brian started this scholarship to help those in need succeed. He knows that not everyone has the chance to do things right the first time, but he is giving them the chance to do things right this time.

At Brian Caubarreaux & Associates,

we demonstrate a “do it right” approach in everything we aim to accomplish. We discuss every option. We study every detail. We consider every outcome. We do it right.

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