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Marquita Johnson 

Her entire life, Marquita Johnson always wanted to become a nurse. “To care for others, to help others – I just wanted to be a part of that.” When during her last year of school, she got pregnant, Marquita feared that she would never be able fulfill her nursing dream. “I thought once I got pregnant, I wouldn’t be able to complete my goals. I would have to settle for less than what I thought I was going to become,” said Marquita.

About a year after her son was born, Marquita decided she wanted to go back to school and earn her nursing degree. The work was hard: dropping off her son, going to class, then going straight to work, picking up her son, then returning home to make dinner and study once he was all taken care of. She had to budget and be smart with her money. “I’ll do anything for my little boy,” Marquita stated. “As long as my child has everything that he needs, I can do without.”

Marquita knew she wouldn’t be able to earn her LPN as quickly as she would have when she was first in school, but she is dedicated to push forward and achieve her goals. “If you’re put on this earth, everybody has a purpose,” she explained. “I feel like I’ll jump over the bumps and go through the curves until I achieve my purpose.”

One year away from becoming an LPN, Marquita isn’t stopping now. Her ultimate goal is to become a pediatrician. Brian Caubarreaux’s Do It Right Scholarship will take some of the financial stress away from Marquita, bringing her goal even closer in sight. Marquita wished to thank Brian for the scholarship and the help he provides to students in need. “Thank you so much. The Do It Right Scholarship will give me an opportunity to create a career and expand on it, and have a better life for me and my little boy,” said Marquita with pride. “I just really want to make my little boy proud.”