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What to include in the pilots resume

Do you think the benchmarks for resume writing are similar across industries? May be. For now, however, we've put together a few tips on how to write a perfect pilot resume. The set of these standards is now the key to furor in some of the largest airlines in the world.

Aviation recruiters receive hundreds of resumes weekly and spend less than 20 seconds reviewing a pilot resume before making a decision. The decision about whether it is worth talking to you in principle, or rejecting your resume immediately.

Taking their seat on the plane, passengers unknowingly trust their lives to the pilot - a specially trained specialist who has the knowledge, skills and experience of flying aircraft of any purpose.

The professional obligations of a civil aviation pilot include

  • preparation, organization and implementation of the flight;
  • control and testing of flight equipment;
  • study of the features of the route of the upcoming flight;
  • study of the provided information about weather conditions and ornithological conditions;
  • responsibility for safety during the flight;
  • dialogue with the team in case of possible unexpected situations;
  • implementation of dispatcher's messages and orders during the flight;
  • monitoring device readings;
  • prevention of inappropriate actions of passengers;
  • the ability to fly using automatic systems;
  • analysis of the details of the performed flight with the team members and control;
  • maintenance and provision of current and reporting documentation and others.

And also, the pilot of aviation technology must have in-depth knowledge, is in readiness for constant retraining and medical commissions. A civil aviation pilot can be a person who has steel endurance and the highest self-control, who has leadership inclinations and an analytical mind, who is able to make second decisions in unforeseen circumstances, who knows how to work in a limited space and hard time frames.

Indicate in your resume about your physical health, sense of responsibility for human lives, endurance, perseverance, the highest psycho-emotional stamina, quick reaction, observation, readiness for constant business trips. These are all the qualities that a pilot should have.

Be sure to include your education in your resume.
The first step in obtaining the position of a civil aviation pilot is to obtain a professional higher education.
Indicate your flying time in hours.

With the accumulation of professional experience and the implementation of the necessary flight hours, the pilot can hope for the post of the head of the aircraft. In the future, career growth can take place from the position of the head pilot to the manager of the structural unit of air carriers.

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