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8.00 odds for Liverpool & Real Madrid for the Champions League Final at BildBet

8.00 odds for Liverpool & Real Madrid for the Champions League Final at BildBet

The wait is over! On Saturday evening, the final of the Champions League will take place in Paris. Liverpool FC will get the chance to take revenge for losing the 2018 Champions League final against the Madrilenians. Mohamed Salah already announced the following after the final: "We have a score to settle".

The Reds want to finally erase the defeat three years ago from the minds of supporters. Jürgen Klopp's team will be able to approach the mission very confident and confident of victory, and rightly so. Do you need an expert opinion for the final, then our Liverpool - Real Madrid betting tip is what you are looking for. Similar forecasts can be found in the program cricket betting apps for iphone.


Liverpool didn't finish last weekend's Premier League as champions, but still in outstanding form. The Reds didn't lose any of their last 19 games in the world's best fixture box. Within this series, Klopp and his team celebrated a whole 16 victories! It is absurd that Liverpool did not become champion with this record. However, the Reds have already been able to celebrate two trophies. Liverpool won the EFL and FA Cup. The upcoming final will be approached by the three-time Champions League winners with a 3:1 home win over Wolverhampton.

If you are convinced of the fourth victory in the premier league of the Reds, then BildBet has just the right offer. The bookmaker increases Liverpool FC's odds from 2.05 to a whole 8.00! With a win bet on the Reds, you can increase your stake eightfold! So, what are you waiting for?

However, not only the upcoming final match is worthy of a final, but also the action of BildBet. The bookmaker also equips Real Madrid with 8.00 odds. Unlike the British, the Spaniards finished the season as champions in their domestic league. Real Madrid took the 35th Spanish championship with a whole 13 points ahead of FC Barcelona. But it wasn't just in La Liga that the royals shone this year, but especially in the top flight!

If you are rooting for Real Madrid in the final, then secure the 8.00 odds on the Madrilenians. Support the royals in their hunt for the eighth trophy in the club's history and increase your bet eightfold!

How to secure the odds boost

If you believe in the Champions League victory of Liverpool FC or Real Madrid and want to secure the 8.00 odds, then register at BildBet. Then fund your betting account with at least €5 and place your first bet on Liverpool or Real Madrid in the final of the Champions League. You can place this bet for a maximum of 5 €. Once you have placed your bet, the increased odds will be displayed after you have placed your betting slip:

  1. Click on our BildBet button.
  2. Create a free betting account.
  3. Load at least 5 €.
  4. Place a bet of max. 5 € on: Liverpool or Real Madrid win.
  5. If you win the bet, you will receive the difference between the normal odds as a bonus credit.


This promotion of BildBet for the final of the Champions League is a betting bonus, which is aimed exclusively at new customers. If there is further interest in promotions for new or existing customers of the bookmakers here, then the large betting provider comparison is the target you are looking for.

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